Shopper Marketing Foundation Course


Our next course is on July 3rd in Leicestershire.

A one-day, interactive session exploring the shopper & best practice in P-O-P.

From better understanding today’s shopper to improving P-O-P effectiveness, this one-day session will give you practical, real-life best practices that you can implement right away to boost retail performance and personal achievement.

Sessions are led by POPAI’s senior leadership team; with supporting learning materials included.

Registration will start at 9:30am. The session will begin at 10am and we will finish by around 4:30pm.   

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Sharing experiences with peers from across the industry, throughout the day, our modules cover:

Context: Shopper and

A deep dive into the key aspects of shopper behaviour that define how shoppers engage at the point of purchase.  
An essential guide to the (often subconscious) triggers and motivations behind shopper decisions that to help make shopper-led design decisions.

Cut-through Execution

Understanding the importance of creating stand out creative for maximum shopper impact and maximising cut-through, and a review of excellent P-O-P executions.


Role of P-O-P

A review of the primary and secondary role of P-O-P within the shopper marketing framework and the opportunities to aid and inspire shoppers wherever they are along the shopper journey. An understanding of executing brand objectives at the point of purchase, creating collaborative trade relations and support joint business plans.

Sustainability Considerations

A basic overview including the influences that sustainability 
considerations can have on retail display thinking, the role of sustainable design principles and practical ways you can move towards best practice in the design, manufacture and end-of-life of point of purchase display.

Third Party Management

Understanding the role of stakeholder management and operational considerations to maximise return on spend, effectiveness and efficiency, to ensure best practice standards throughout the design, production and implementation of P-O-P. 

Shopper-Facing Digital Tech

An overview of digital technologies and innovation, and how they can be applied to engage the shopper in combination with physical touchpoints along the shopper journey.

Testing and Validation

An overview of qualitative and quantitative research techniques to assess and validate the shopper plan. 'Enabling technologies' make validation at scale possible, both pre and post implementation to track, report and respond to shopper insights.

Shopper-led Design

A review of the influences of shopper behaviour on key visual and point of sale design considerations, including the primary message hierarchy to develop effective P-O-P, key visual and call to action design. Some considerations for a great call to action, what it is (and isn’t) and the key principles to consider in developing great a call to action, and the steps to creating a great call to action.

Commercial Metrics

Setting balanced KPIs and performance indicators, to determine the impact of P-O-P campaigns on the shopper, including customer, category and brand objectives, shopper objectives, compliance reporting and sustainability reporting.



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