Shopper Marketing & P-O-P Foundation Course NEW!

Date: Tuesday 26 November 2019 from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM


A one-day, interactive session exploring the shopper & best practice in P-O-P 

From better understanding today’s shopper to improving P-O-P effectiveness, this one-day session will give you practical, real-life best practices that you can implement right away to boost retail performance and personal achievement.

Our sessions are led by POPAI’s senior leadership team; with supporting learning materials included.

Benefits of attending:

  • Access to independent best practice insight, knowledge and research
  • Concentrated single day learning session
  • 360° overview of core industry disciplines including relevant theory
  • Emphasis on successful practical application (with our interactive ‘Application Station’ breakout sessions)Interactive and engaging format to maximise the learning process
  • Small group breakout sessions, discussions and networking
  • Learning in a friendly and professional environment
  • NEW for 2019 - ‘Briefing Pack’ - to capture knowledge and build your own display campaign from concept to creation, applying the knowledge learned on-the-go throughout the day. 

Course Content

Session 1 - The Basics

  • The role of P-O-P and its effects on shoppers
  • P-O-P objectives: brand development, disruption, educate and inform, trial and demonstration, aid comparison, remind and reassure, substitution/upsell, merchandising needs
  • Temporary versus permanent display: the pros and cons
  • What is the Point-Of-Purchase?

Session 2 - The Shopper

  • The difference between a shopper and a consumer 
  • Thinking like a shopper: ‘Would I see it?' 
  • The concept of the multi-individual 
  • How gender can influence engagement 
  • Appealing to Baby Boomers, Millennials and Gen Z 
  • Why do we shop in-store? 
  • The different types of shopper mission 

Session 3 - The Message

  • Adapting the message to mission and product
  • ATL telling a story, in-store driving action
  • The power of subliminal messaging
  • Adjusting message length to match dwell times
  • Merchandising psychology: how standards affect buying decisions
  • Sensory engagement: light, sound, aroma, music 
  • The POPAI path-to-purchase model?

Session 4 - Digital Touchpoints

  • Why invest in digital: What do shoppers say they want?
  • How to think ‘benefits’ instead of tech for tech’s sake
  • Digital choices – network / integrated screens / ‘disconnected connectivity’ / shoppers’ own devices
  • Deciding priorities, planning and execution
  • Developing content – dynamic, user generated, interactive
  • Managing digital: consider touchpoints and remember the ‘how as well as the ‘why’ 

Session 5 - The Concept

  • Key design considerations
  • Developing the brief: ideation, customisation, planning
  • What is innovation? Why retail is evolutionary not revolutionary
  • Manufacturing processes and materials
  • Compliance and installation
  • Journey of display
  • Measuring effectiveness
  • POPAI effectiveness metrics: impact, engagement, conversion
  • Working together: engaging retailers and brands


Why attend?

This unique workshop will explore the latest innovations in shopper engagement and include insight into current best practice as well as analysis of real-world in-store activations and the suitability for differing client and shoppers needs. 

Who should attend? 

The workshop is designed for retail marketing professionals (whether retailer, brand or agency-side) and any person who may be required to build their knowledge around the fundamentals of P-O-P best practice, or would like to refresh existing knowledge and skills, as part of their day-to-day job function.

What is included? 

Attendance at the one-day foundation course also includes lunch, a 'Support Pack' containing session notes from the day and a “Briefing Pack” for delegates to fill in during the course of the session. 

The day will open for registration at 9.30am with the course starting at 10am.

How to book your place

Click 'Book online now' below and if you are a POPAI member make sure you are logged in to take advantage of the discounted member rate. Once we have received your booking we will be in touch with confirmation.  



Location: Boots HQ D80 Conference Centre Theatre Suite Thane Road Nottingham

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