All you need to know about The POPAI Sustainability Standard (PSS)

The PSS embeds sustainability principles within organisations to challenge traditional practices to help industry professionals better understand how, where and when sustainability issues translate to their business.

The PSS accreditation forms the cornerstone of the commitment made by POPAI UK & Ireland to lead the industry to a point of self-regulation for the management of environmental performance. 

Why you should get accredited

Make a commitment to sustainability.

Here's why...

  • Show stakeholders that you are taking sustainability seriously
  • Improve company reputation by boosting sustainable credentials
  • Give you a ‘green’ competitive advantage
  • Provide a financial advantage by improving efficiencies
  • Encourage better environmental performance from suppliers

Become PSS accredited and get £200 off your first 12-month subscription to Sustain™, eco-design indicator tool. 

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Download an overview of the POPAI Sustainability Standard (PSS) and discover the benefits for your business.

This handy PDF download is ideal to share with your internal teams. 

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Case Studies

Hear from those who have made a commitment to sustainability and become PSS accredited. 

"The PSS is the number 1 sustainability accreditation dedicated to our industry" - Will Williams, 100% Group. 

Read more about 100% Group's journey to becoming PSS accredited here.