Past POPAI Award judges

Since POPAI began organising the industry awards in 2007, we have continuously maintained a high standard of being rigorous, tough, but fair.

How your work is judged

Your work is judged and nominated for an award according to POPAI’s set criteria by a panel of esteemed retail and brand professionals.

Each judge is allocated one or more categories, although not a category which they currently work within. After a preliminary round of judging online, the panel of judges gather in London for a day of final judging, where there is the opportunity for full and frank discussion of initial nomination recommendations before a final selection is made. In the first round, entries are scored based on how well they perform against the set judging criteria.  For example, if entrants are unable to submit supporting evidence of return on investment, sales uplift, or positive client testimonials as a result of their work, then that entry will not be eligible to receive a Gold standard score.

The identities of individual entrants remain undisclosed to judges throughout the duration of the process.

Judging criteria

Judges are asked to consider several important factors when deciding on whether an entry is worthy of nomination. In order of importance:

  • Did the entry meet client objectives?
  • Were the needs of the shopper clearly defined and met?
  • Was it well considered, original and relevant to its context?
  • Did it perform well in terms of retail impact, functionality and flexibility?
  • Was it exceptionally well executed?
  • Did it perform well against key performance measures?

Impressing the judges

Have a look at our top tips below to increase your chances of winning:

  • Take time to consider and compile a concise case study that explains the important aspects of your work e.g. how it met objectives, creative thought process, key challenges, design and construction considerations, retail performance improvements achieved (sales uplift, greater brand awareness, removal of barriers to purchase, more informed shopper decision making etc.)
  • Keep explanatory text short, clear and relevant
  • Do NOT use any references to the entrant company within your entry submission
  • Do NOT submit computer rendered images of your work – show finished work
  • Show your work in situ within the retail environment and in its intended context
  • Entries should be supported by high resolution, quality photographs (300dpi, with minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 per entry), providing sufficient visual detail to highlight key elements of your work
  • Include video files to demonstrate practical use for your entry in its retail context. Videos must be no more than 30 seconds in duration and 5MB in size (maximum of two videos per entry).
  • Ensure your work is presented in the best light, with photographs that demonstrate high retail standards e.g. stock loading, merchandising and appropriate in-store placement
  • Remember – judges can only critique entries based on the information they are given. They are not allowed to draw on personal experiences of anything which they may have seen in the market, or additional information from any other source(s) outside of the Awards process.