POPAI Awards - Terms & Conditions


Terms and conditions of entry

  1. Full payment (cheque, credit card (2.5% admin fee), BACS transfer) must be received and cleared before the entry deadline.

  2. No entry fees will be refunded under any circumstances.

  3. The entrant must, and confirms and warrants that it does, own all the rights and/or have all the permissions needed to enter the entry in the competition on these terms. If POPAI asks it to do so, the entrant must promptly provide whatever proof of those rights and permissions POPAI reasonably requires. The entrant agrees to indemnify POPAI against the consequences of the entrant being in breach of this clause 3.

  4. The entrant irrevocably grants POPAI the right: (i) To make and reproduce images and details of the entry, and any images, text and information provided by the entrant, in any form and in any medium (including on POPAI’s website and its printed and electronic publications); and (ii) To distribute all the aforesaid, and to display and communicate all the aforesaid to the public, anywhere in the world.

  5. If the entrant provides the relevant information with the entry, POPAI will ensure that any images of the entry it reproduces will be accompanied by appropriate details of any rights related to the entry.

  6. POPAI may move an entry into a different category without prior notice or consultation if it considers the alternative category is more appropriate. No entry fees will be refunded if it does.

  7. POPAI reserves the right to combine, divide and change categories, and to create new categories, without prior notice or consultation.

  8. POPAI may disqualify the entry if: (i) The entrant has broken any rule set out in the entry form or has breached any of these terms; or (ii) A third party challenges or disputes the entrant’s right to enter the entry in the competition and does not withdraw that challenge or dispute when invited to do so. No entry fees will be refunded if POPAI disqualifies the entry.

  9. All entries are made available to members on the POPAI website after nominations have been announced. If any entry has sensitive information within the case study, please mark this with ** before and after ** the text you wish to omit from the public domain. This does not include the cost of a project which is already for judges eyes only and will not be shown on POPAI website.

  10. If POPAI establishes that an entrant has broken the awards rules, the offending entry may be disqualified from the Awards.

  11. POPAI will not provide feedback on an individual entry’s performance in the Awards.

  12. POPAI reserves the right to validate any of the entry content.

  13. Client permission must have been received for an entry to compete in the POPAI Awards and that the entrant holds copyright for the entry, or have written permission from the copyright holder and in this case that the copyright holder does not require recognition.

  14. By entering the POPAI Awards entrants confirm that they will abide by the rules, and that they accept the terms and conditions of entry.


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