As we approach the end of the year, this issue marks the first anniversary of the new format of In-store Insights. The revised style has focused on bringing you relevant insight and analysis to help inform your discussions and projects. This underpins the industry’s relentless quest for improving effectiveness at the point of purchase and in-store.

Over the past year, we’ve brought you sector, insight, market and campaign reports across a range of topics including sports retail, promotional strategy, grocery, healthy snacks and in-store demonstrations. We have investigated shopping habits within the mobile phone, DIY and travel agents’ sectors, and looked further afield to global trends and how brands and retailers are responding to today’s changing shopper.

In this issue, we continue this trend. Kicking off with a look at automotive shoppers, we investigate the changing industry and offer up our suggestions of the car buyers to watch out for on page 5.

As we know, the global consumer landscape is changing and with it the buying decisions of many shoppers. The current generation that is coming of age cares about the implications of its purchases. GDR Creative Intelligence highlights a number of brands and retailers that are responding to this issue-driven decision-making on page 13.

On page 16 we look at the rising convenience channel and consider what lessons, if any, we can apply from research carried out in the wider grocery sector. What is the challenge for brands and retailers in this space?

Innovation equals growth is a statement that few may argue with, but how does this translate in-store? On page 19 we bring together the views of POPAI members from both sides of the supply chain to understand more about their in-store innovations.

We wrap up this issue with

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