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Published four times a year, In-Store Insights magazine is read by retail marketing professionals across the UK and Ireland. Each issue includes high-quality research and expert knowledge on major industry topics that will bring practical benefits to readers. There is a strong emphasis on delivering insight, analysis and research that is related to the shopper's path to purchase in a series of standalone reports focused on the challenges of modern retail marketing.

Issue 29

As we turn our thoughts towards spring, it’s clear that this year has started with a degree of uncertainty across the globe. But in these changing times, POPAI is proud to stand firm. We are celebrating 25 years of serving the P-O-P industry, and we’re planning to continue our dedication to enhancing the shopper experience and sharing best practice across the industry.

This edition features the following reports: 

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Offering unparalleled access to decision makers within the UK retail marketing and P-O-P industry, who all have budgetary control, In-Store Insights magazine gives you a unique way to market your business.

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Each issue includes a series of regular feature topics such as Insight Reports, Sector Reports and Shopper Investigations - providing opportunities for retail marketers and suppliers to contribute to editorial discussions.

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Back Issues

In-store Insights Magazine launched in 2010 and a number of back issues can be downloaded below. 

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Individual articles and reports can also be downloaded from the library.