Date: Thursday 4 July 2019 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

A one-day, interactive session exploring the shopper & best practice in P-O-P


From better understanding today’s shopper to improving P-O-P effectiveness, this one-day session will give you practical, real-life best practices that you can implement right away to boost retail performance and personal achievement.

Our sessions are led by POPAI’s senior leadership team; with supporting learning materials included.

Benefits of attending

  • Access to independent best practice insight, knowledge and research
  • Concentrated single day learning session
  • 360° overview of core industry disciplines including relevant theory
  • Emphasis on successful practical application (with our interactive ‘Application Station’ breakout sessions)
  • Interactive and engaging format to maximise the learning process
  • Small group breakout sessions, discussions and networking
  • Learning in a friendly and professional environment
  • NEW for 2019 - ‘Briefing Pack’ - to capture knowledge and build your own display campaign from concept to creation, applying the knowledge learned on-the-go throughout the day. 

Course Content

Session 1 - The Basics

  • The role of P-O-P and its effects on shoppers
  • P-O-P objectives: brand development, disruption, educate and inform, trial and demonstration, aid comparison, remind and reassure, substitution/upsell, merchandising needs
  • Temporary versus permanent display: the pros and cons
  • What is the Point-Of-Purchase?

Session 2 - The Shopper

  • The difference between a shopper and a consumer
  • Thinking like a shopper: ‘Would I see it?'
  • The concept of the multi-individual
  • How gender can influence engagement
  • Appealing to Baby Boomers, Millennials and Gen Z
  • Why do we shop in-store?
  • The different types of shopper mission 

Session 3 - The Message

  • Adapting the message to mission and product
  • ATL telling a story, in-store driving action
  • The power of subliminal messaging
  • Adjusting message length to match dwell times
  • Merchandising psychology: how standards affect buying decisions
  • Sensory engagement: light, sound, aroma, music
  • The POPAI path-to-purchase model?

Session 4 - Digital Touchpoints

  • Why invest in digital: What do shoppers say they want?
  • How to think ‘benefits’ instead of tech for tech’s sake
  • Digital choices – network / integrated screens / ‘disconnected connectivity’ / shoppers’ own devices
  • Deciding priorities, planning and execution
  • Developing content – dynamic, user generated, interactive
  • Managing digital: consider touchpoints and remember the ‘how as well as the ‘why’ 

Session 5 - The Concept

  • What is innovation?
  • Why retail is evolutionary not revolutionary
  • Key design considerations
  • Working together: engaging retailers and brands
  • Developing the brief: ideation, customisation, planning
  • Manufacturing processes and materials
  • Compliance and installation
  • Journey of display
  • Measuring effectiveness
  • POPAI effectiveness metrics: impact, engagement, conversion  

Why attend?

This unique workshop will explore the latest innovations in shopper engagement and include insight into current best practice as well as analysis of real-world in-store activations and the suitability for differing client and shoppers needs. 

Who should attend? 

The workshop is designed for retail marketing professionals (whether retailer, brand or agency-side) and any person who may be required to build their knowledge around the fundamentals of P-O-P best practice, or would like to refresh existing knowledge and skills, as part of their day-to-day job function.

What is included? 

Attendance at the one-day foundation course also includes lunch, a 'Support Pack' containing session notes from the day and a “Briefing Pack” for delegates to fill in during the course of the session. The day will open for registration at 10am with the course starting at 10:30am.

How to book your place

Click 'Book online now' below and if you are a POPAI member make sure you are logged in to take advantage of the discounter member rate. Once we have received your booking we will be in touch with confirmation. 


Location: Woburn House 20-24 Tasvistock Square London

Members: £345.00   |   NON-Members: £545.00

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