Date: Thursday 21 May 2015 from 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM
Connected Shopper Seminar

Technology has become a major driving force of change in retail. But the power of technology to link multiple touchpoints along their purchase journey has, as yet, not been fully exploited. Whilst far from simple to achieve, failure to deliver true connectivity along the path to purchase, and with shoppers, is a significant barrier to realising potential improvements in engagement and, ultimately, sales conversion in-store.

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Pre-Store Connections



Opportunities & threats of the mobile online shopper

  • The latest mobile and in-store digital solutions, how they work... and where they fail
  • Beacons, smart-phones and APPS - proposing an alternative solution which is shopper friendly, mobile friendly... and avoids the major pitfalls
  • Underpinned by findings of a major brand owner who has extensively trialled latest available technology

Presenters: Sam Lutostanski, Digital In-Store Specialist, Unilever; David Williams, Chairman, Screen Media Technology; Colin Pizey, Regional Director, MoZONE

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Digital and the High Street - Making It Happen

  • Bringing ibeacons to the high street in a targeted and controlled way
  • 'Retailer Crowd Sourcing' for consumers
  • Mopons - mobile coupons made easy...

Presenters: Rav Garcha, Store Owner, NISA; Matt Norbury, CEO, IAT

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In-store Connections

PayPoint  Rockar    Dalziel + Pow
'Cash is Dead, Long Live Cash': The Connected Cash Shopper
  • Cash consumer behaviour in a digital world
  • Mythbusting - driving footfall 2.0
  • Keeping up with consumers in a future you can't predict

Presenters: Steve O’Neill, Marketing Director, PayPoint UK and Ireland

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Re-inventing the car dealership / retail - how to make the experience more relevant to today's customer

  • Current state of play - an age old-retail model
  • Transforming a sector
  • The results - has it delivered?

Presenters: Simon Dixon, Founder,; David Dalziel, Group Creative Director, Dalziel and Pow

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       Heal's   Cloudtags

In-store remarketing - how Heal's re-engages store shoppers digitally afterward to increase conversions

  • Is your store connected or disconnected? Find out
  • How to get 30 out of every 100 shoppers to participate in a digital experience in-store
  • Why in-store remarketing will be the next big thing in retail

Presenters: Oliver White, E-Commerce Director, Heal’s; Ollie Bath, Managing Director, CloudTags; Simon Towndrow, Head of Strategy, CloudTags

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Out-of-store Connections

Post-Store Connections

Stores as a holistic marketing channel - how Tesco shared the love

  • Using stores as a potent marketing channel beyond their physical footprint
  • Surprising and delighting shoppers and creating amplifiable content
  • The retailer operations perspective; creating the business case and understanding the impact

Presenter: Stuart Galvin, Associate Director, Arnold KLP

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Journey of a hashtag

  • Exploring the disconnect of brands with social
  • STOP using hashtags without consequence
  • How to achieve outcomes such as purchase through social interaction
  • Best practices and success points

Presenters: Tom Shardlow, Co-Founder/Director, Visual Voice; Alex Newland, Co-Founder/Managing Director, Visual Voice

Global round-up

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GDR Creative Intelligence


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The connected journey: are you on the right path? Observations of cutting-edge executions from around the world
  • New ways to engage and interact with connected shoppers that go beyond the physical store
  • Technological advances impacting how staff emotionally connect with customers
  • Now is the time to engage with the connected shopper and ensure their journey leads to your brand

Presenter: Colin Gentry, Innovation Researcher, GDR Creative Intelligence

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Location: London Transport Museum, Covent Garden Piazza, London, WC2E 7BB

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