Date: Thursday 17 September 2015 from 9:00 AM to 11:50 AM

A must-attend event for retail marketers, creative agencies and P-O-P manufacturers in Ireland.


Kelly Latham-Gough

Senior Marketing Manager Store Format


Colin Gentry

Innovation Researcher


Fergal Downey

Managing Director

Mike Wilkinson

Sales Director

New store format: transforming the Wickes's customer journey

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Get a grip: Make the intangible touchable, and give the physical meaning

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Lets get Phygital!: How digital is transforming physical retail

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Insight into Global Lottery POP as a Brand

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  • Wickes's 5 year plan
  • The way customers shop and what they are shopping for
  • Five key focus points: space allocation, counters, better navigation, new layouts, and an improved look and feel
  • Lend the abstract a physical form and put it in customers’ hands
  • Try your hand at implementing gesture, marketing’s next frontier
  • If seeing is believing, then ensure the shopper has faith in the offline product

  • The strategic imperative driving adoption of digital technologies in physical stores
  • What technologies are shaping the retail experience
  • What does the future hold for brands and retailers

  • Traditional vs. technology in the lottery brand environment
  • Consumer experience – delivering the message
  • Recognising lottery as a brand category and an insight into the brands POP needs

If you have any questions about the event please contact the office on 01455 613651 or

Location: Radisson BLU, Dublin Airport, Swords Road, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Members: £ FREE   |   NON-Members: £100.00

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