Sustainability Standard for Suppliers

We are now seeing a compelling business case for embedding sustainability within the P-O-P supply chain. Brands and retailers are already placing more emphasis on environmental, social and corporate responsibility considerations. Many of them now have their own internal sustainability goals. It's also a topic that is shaping design briefs too, with clients demanding greater innovation and cost savings during the design process. But being 'green' isn't just good for the environment - it's good for business too. Driving sustainability efficiencies through every level of your business can result in reduced energy, water, packaging, and waste.

Why PSS?

PSS accreditation is a highly-sought after kitemark that clearly identifies those businesses who take the sustainability of their business, products and services as seriously as the retailers and brands they work with.

The process

Becoming PSS accredited is not simply a tick-box exercise. The process of accreditation involves adopting business processes and practices that will deliver improved sustainable performance and drive efficiencies throughout the business. From sustainable design practices through to lean manufacturing.

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ConVert tool

POPAI Members receive FREE unlimited annual access to ConVert – the world’s first online environmental design calculator.

Specifically developed for the P-O-P industry, it enables industry professionals to measure and compare the environmental impact of up to six P-O-P displays at any one time.

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Next steps

Various environmental management standards already exist, but only PSS accreditation provides an industry relevant kitemark.

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