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2020 Winner - Gurjit Choda

What our judges said: "A well thought-through and very ‘on brand’ customer experience. The customer has been considered at every opportunity, including the use of QR for an even more personalised experience"




About the design...

Q. Describe the display you've designed. What is it made of?
A. The display will be made from 25 mm thick ply with either a green or white vinyl laminated finish. The curves will be manufactured using a supporting stud wall and then a thin 3 mm plywood sheet will be pinned over to create a clean bend. The leaf signage above the concession shall also be cut out from 25 mm ply and supported with an aluminium bar to secure it to the rest of the frame to ensure stability. Accompanying the design will be the self filtering water tank beneath the ceramic sink. This will allow for clean water at hand when the teens are testing out the skin and hair products.

Q. Why did you design it this way?
A. The design has taken aspects of the Simple brand. Having a rounded edge design creates a little hub of safety and security. Simple promotes kindness and well being. A safe place to receive advice from skilled employees. The employees emulate a type of role model that the teens can speak to who are relatable from both a social, cultural and medical aspect. People who have the skills, experience and expertise to help young sensitive skin and hair. The range of product and professional help available means the teens can ask at their own need. From the advice they receive, they can choose the appropriate products that suit their skin or hair type. Having various scannable bar-codes means the teen can read up on other tips in their own time if they don’t want to speak to anyone in particular and simply browse around. Or, they can test it using the sink and product at hand as if they were at home. Making the experience more authentic.

Q. Who is it targeted at?
A. The Simple concession is targeted at 11-19 year olds who don’t have an older role model to discuss or guide them through the art of learning how to look after your hair and skin properly from an early age. Teens can receive a breadth of advice from dermatological help to professional hair stylists on how to care for difficult thick curly or damaged hair and skin. This also benefits single mothers and fathers who have children of the opposite sex, and find it difficult to communicate this advice.

This target audience came about my research on other pop ups. One in particular about teaching single fathers how to do their daughters hair. ( Pop ups like these, which help others and provide advice for a sensitive audience is my aim.

2019 Winner - Sarah Hickin


Sarah wowed our judges with her Tiffany & Co. Shop-in-Shop design.  

Q. Why did you design it this way? 
A. The iconic brand is synonymous with American glamour and elegance, and clearly recognised by the turquoise gift box of the ‘Tiffany Blue’. The design was created to reflect this stylish and timeless beauty, with the considered colour palette and finishes giving a luscious, inviting atmosphere. Flooring here aims to be playful, as a large paint ‘splodge’ spilling out around the store’s frame. This spread of paint drops gives a visual queue to customers, allowing them to follow a trail to the store. The store is designed to give a full ‘360’ customer experience, allowing browsing and engagement from all four walls of the external structure, and on entry inside the store, giving a personal interaction with the sales staff and product, giving value for money through the expertise and individual customer contact delivered.

Q. Who is it targeted at?
A. Tiffany&Co.’s key demographic is typically females aged 28-54. Supplying the ‘dream’ luxury gift of the blue Tiffany box encasing diamond engagement rings, luxurious necklaces and sparkling precious earrings.

Q. What type of stores would it go in? How long would it stay in-store?
A. Due to the quality and expense of Tiffany&Co. the desired location for the shop is to be placed within luxury department stores, like Selfridges&Co. and Harrods, London who are famed for selling the fine accessories of premium brands. Designed to be visible and stand out in store when surrounded by other quality jewellery brands. The design is intended to be a permanent fixture in store so is made from durable materials, yet contains adaptable components to suit different brand advertisement campaigns. In addition to this, the stainless steel frame is made in corner sections, so can be easily placed in and removed from a store as necessary.