Student Design Awards - Past Winners

Thinking of entering the Student Design Awards? 
Here's 5 reason why our previous winners say you should...

     1. Gets your work out there

     2. It provides a unique and interesting insight into the retail and advertising industry. 

     3. Real confidence booster

     4. Rewarding - in achievement & future opportunities

     5. All round brilliant experience

2023 Winner - Jakob Timerdahl 



About the design...

Q. Why did you design it this way?
My design is tailored to a smaller brand that can’t spend excessive amounts of money on a traditional pop-up. With this design, the pop-up is cheap to maintain as it is a very simple construction made from simple and accessible materials. It is built on a trailer and therefore it can be reused several times in different locations. The pop-ups' ability to be used more than once and the material simplicity also makes this design a lot more sustainable compared to other traditional pop-ups.

Q. Who is it targeted at?
The user interacting with this pop-up is either someone on their commute to or from work on their bike, or it could be someone that has been considering going electric but finds the concept too overwhelming or intimidating. For the commuter, going electric is beneficial in multiple ways. Compared to the Tfl it is cheaper and more sustainable, and around central London often faster too. For the commuter that already bikes to work, going electric just makes the process easier and less stressful. With this kind of pop-up, the conversion can take place right there and then.

Q. What type of stores would it go in?
As it is a pop-up mainly targeted at commuters, it makes the most sense to place it close to a station around central London. However, it needs quite a lot of space to be deployed so a park is ideal, Potter’s Field is a good example of this. Close to London Bridge and seen from far away next to the Thames and Tower Bridge is great for commuters to see from far away. And as the pop-up is fully adaptable to different environments, being modular and easily moved on the trailer hitched to a car, the location isn’t limited to central London. This could easily reach people outside of London who commute longer journeys on their bikes, ideal for an electric conversion kit.

2022 Winner -Millie Rees


Q. Why did you design it this way? 
I have chosen to design it in this way so that it is on a platform above everyday shoppers so that they can easily see it in a crowd. I have added a full length ramp so that it is wheelchair accessible the stand allows for the stand to be inclusive of everyone with disabilities. I have also added the lights in the text of this product so that the public are easily able to tell what the stand is for. The back of the stand is open so that people can easily see the inside of the stand and the products and activity that is going on behind them. Railings run around the back of the stand to prevent people falling off the back of the stand or people entering the stand the wrong way. I have taken styling elements from current Lush stores to create the stands so that the stand is in uniform with the Lush brand identity.

Q. Who is it targeted at?
This stand is aimed at students who would like to explore self care and look into positive mental health through the use of natural remedies. There is a lot of stress associated with being a student at any level of study and by taking time to yourself and engaging in a self care exercise you can feel more relaxed and stresses of life or education can be reduced. By creating a personalised cream for them to use they are more likely to return to Lush with the pot to be eco friendly and receive 50p discount. In terms of being in busy shopping centres the stand is engaging people who would not normally go into a lush store therefore enhancing Lush’s user demographic.