Our events feature a varied programme throughout the year where you can listen to speakers from big name retailers, brands, and leading P-O-P supply companies on industry best practice and the latest innovations. Come along, and take part in discussions on the big issues and to connect with other industry professionals.

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Retail Tech Showcase
Webinar, 28th September 21

Technology has seemingly never been higher on the agenda of brand owners and retailers seeking to engage their shoppers in ever-more immersive and engaging ways.

With the COVID pandemic accelerating the desire for the latest tech to be incorporated into retail experiences, POPAI is pleased to bring to the industry a showcase of emerging tech from around the globe.

In this fast-paced virtual showcase, new start-ups and established tech companies alike will share their latest tech innovations and demonstrate how they can be used to engage today's shopper.

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Digital In-Store Workshop
London, 12th October 21

This specialist workshop will help shopper marketing professionals understand and navigate the minefield of how to select, strategise, plan and measure the various digital technologies available in today’s retail environment.

Led by POPAI with expert panellists and case studies from across todays broad retail spectrum, the day will pivot around interactive, focussed sessions. We will break down the lifecycle of digital shopper activations into tangible, manageable chunks, whilst also looking at the nuts & bolts of how shopper tech can be used in store.

As well as having the opportunity to network, interact and share best practice with our panel, contributors and fellow delegates, attendees will also receive our Complete Guide to Digital In-Store.

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Shopper Seminar Sustainability
Dublin, 3rd November 21

Free to POPAI members, this seminar, will use bite-sized case studies, panel session discussions & primary research from across the industry to share best practice throughout the entire lifecycle of display. 

We’ll hear from forward-thinking industry professionals covering all stages of P-O-P from inception, through the design & manufacturing stages, looking at best practice in plant & premises efficiency, supply chain management, logistics and innovative end-of-life scenarios.  

This event will cover:

  • Sustainable design in temporary & permanent P-O-P (case studies & panel session)
  • Global trends in sustainability
  • Sustain® - findings from 18 months of use
  • Sustainable materials (panel session)
  • Principles of sustainable manufacturing (case study) 
  • Planning sustainable logistics (panel session)
  • Realities of in-store recycling (primary research)

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We’ve loaded all of our recent event content onto our website so that you never miss out on the latest insight and reports from our industry. 

Events include:

  • Display Best Practice: Digital in Store (June 2020)

  • Summer Shopper Seminar via Webinar (July 2020)

  • Post-Lockdown Shopping (July 2020)

  • Spring Shopper Seminar via Webinar (May 2021)

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