Polycarbonate is a very durable high impact material. It is commonly used for transparent parts due to the materials high quality optical properties. It can be injection molded and vacuum formed in sheet format to produce very sturdy parts. It can be fabricated in sheet form at room temperature using sheet metal fabrication techniques requiring no heat bending. Polycarbonate is a more expensive material than other common plastics such as PP and PS but is chosen for its high impact and optical properties.

Material Properties

Property 1* 2* 3* 4* 5*
Lifespan X
Durability X
Strength X
UV Stability X
Transparency X
Cost X
End of Life

Star Rating for performance - 5* = best performing

Typical Applications

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Injection Moulding>
Heat Bending>
Vacuum Forming>


Here are some of the key benefits of Polycarbonate:

- Extremely impact resistant
- Excellent moulded finishes
- Great for injection moulding
- Exceptional optical clarity


Here are some of the key downsides to Polycarbonate:

- More expensive than ABS
- Not very scratch resistant


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Sample Gallery

See examples of P-O-P displays using this material.

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