Digital Experience Workshop

Date: Thursday 28 June 2018 from 9:30 AM to 2:45 PM

Limited to just 35 delegates, this hands-on session, led by POPAI with a panel of industry experts, took delegates through the nuts and bolts of retail digital technologies, including digital signage, gesture technology, the three digital R’s (AR, VR, QR), apps, touchscreens and new emerging technology.

Through case studies, we looked under the bonnet of digital technology projects and how to choose the right one.

The day was made up of four sessions involving expert presentations and panel discussions. The day started at 09:55 and finished at 14:45. 

Places are strictly limited to 35 delegates. 

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Digital Signage

The nuts and bolts of retail digital technologies from software, to hardware and content. This session will also look at technology to encourage shoppers to interact including touchscreen and gesture technology.

Screen & Network Hardware (MediaZest)

 - Emerging trends in display hardware

 - Choosing the right systems

 - The role of the flagship store vs estate wide roll-outs

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Touch & Gesture (MediaZest)

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Content & Software (Beaver Group)

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Integration & Measurement

It is not just about selecting the right tools for your digital retail project but also about how these integrate with each other and how you will measure their success.

Smart Displays (Displayplan)

 -  Connecting content

 -  Reacting to interaction

 -  Cross-platform analytics

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Integration into traditional P-O-P (Linney)

 -  How can digital screens and traditional POS materials work in tandem?

 -  What role does physical product play with digital screens?

 -  How to manage the migration from a printed estate to a digital estate

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Analytics & Measurement (Shoppar)

 - Measuring POS and digital signage using analytics

 - Connecting customers to campaigns to empower in-store marketing

 - Establishing key KPI’s to get the most out of retail data

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The Shoppers' Screen

Delve in to the shoppers third screen including apps and the three digital R's of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and QR Codes.

The three digital R's (AR, VR & QR) (Arno)

 - Making the most of the three R’s to create great content

 - Appropriate uses for technologies to enhance the retail environment for the shopper

 - How technologies can shape the future of retail as part of a mixed reality world

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Apps & Mobile (Catalyst)

 -  What is a connected brand experience?

 -  Extending shopper journeys.

 -  Blending of the physical and digital world

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Emerging Technology & Global Innovation

Cutting edge shopper technologies and innovations from around the globe

- What will hit stores over the next five years

- A focus on China, where the pace of technological change far outstrips the West

- The impact on the relationship between retailers, brands and customers

Alex Sbardella, SVP Global Innovation (GDR Creative Intelligence)

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Digital Technology Survival Toolkit

As well as having the opportunity to network, interact and share best practice with our panel, contributors and fellow delegates, attendees will also receive a digital technology survival toolkit. Including information from the day, as well as checklists and top tips this is POPAI's guide to how shopper technology works, when and where to use it. 

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If you have any questions about this event please contact the office on 01455 613651 or


Earlybird rates ended 25th May 2018.


Location: 30 Euston Square, London, NW1 2FB

Members: £450.00   |   NON-Members: £695.00

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